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Current Water Report

A summary of the current marine conditions for the selected area.

Current water conditions for
Tide height (m)
Water Temp (°C)

Marine Forecast

This section provides a graphical representation of marine predictions for the next 24 - 48 hours. Information displayed here is specific to the location selected on the map. Click and drag the mouse between two points to zoom in on a more specific time.


This page aims to provide both current and forecast marine information, using data collected by the Irish Marine Institute. Sea surface height, sea surface temperature and water salinity are displayed in the graphs above for various locations, although the page hopes to provide more marine data in time. Other information on this page includes the Met Éireann weather widget which provides a current weather summary, in addition to the sunrise and sunset times. Below is an explanation of the marine data:

  • Sea Surface Temperature: This will give the temperature of the water surface.

  • Water Salinity: This measures the saltiness of the water. The higher the water’s salinity level, the clearer the water will be. This is because the salt ions bind with other compounds in the water and drag them down to the seabed.

  • Sea Surface Height: This is the state of the tide height in metres, with reference to the Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT). LAT is the lowest predicted tide level under average weather conditions, but does not take other atmospheric influences into account, such as wind stress and atmospheric pressure. This is why the above tidal data will show minus figures, and why converting the tide height in metres to feet will not give the exact tide level, with reference to the seabed.

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